We Like To Reflect

We think a lot about the need to spend less. We question the eagerness with which we live. We are interested in how long our waste will last. We worry about the needs of others. We ask ourselves what luxury really is?

We also recognize that reflection by itself is useless, and that from all reflection transformation must arise.

From this transformation Namna was born. A brand that goes against excessive consumption, that thinks and creates clothes with time and care. That uses materials that are more ecologically friendly towards the planet. That supports and provides opportunities to talented women. And that creates a new vision of luxury, understanding that life is itself a privilege.

And in the end we want to express and share.
We want to invite others to join a movement.
A movement of care, patience, creativity and love.

Be Slow, Be Careful, Be You, Be Namna

Our Commitment With The Care

The material with which it was made

since we look for inputs with fewer impacts on their production and on their degradation when discarded.

The duration of your garment:

we take care of using resistant materials and making with good quality, so that each garment has a long time of use before being discarded.

Appliques and details:

since our designs are simple to avoid unnecessary metals, zippers and ornaments as much as possible, and those that are indispensable such as buttons, we choose them from coconut shell and materials that are 100% biodegradables.

The dyes and pigments we use:

We ensure that Namna's color is natural, based on organic pigments that do not cause damage when produced or thrown away.

The hands that made your garment:

we work with beautiful and very talented women who receive fair pay for their work.

Our intention in the heart:

Finally, and not least, you can rest assured that your garment was made with a beautiful intention of love, to give you a garment with which not only you are comfortable and in harmony, but also your entire environment.